Alfi & The Journey

Dance, funk , latin and reggae with a mission

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Alfi & The Journey will be taking to the stage in Sydney 2023

Alfi & The Journey
Alfi & The Journey
Alfi & The Journey

Alfi & The Journey


Alfi & The Journey is a Funk/Reggae band founded in the early 2000`s .
Alfi has been writing songs about conservation since the nineties,  back when it was hardly mentioned

Our mission is to spread the word about the environment and climate change through the power of music, we confront environmental breakdown and humanitarian disaster in the developing world and beyond.

The power of music contributes to the balance between humankind, nature, and society.

Clips From Our Latest Gigs

 Featured Album

Hydrogen Cities

Hydrogen cities has 8 songs all focusing on the devastation of our planet.
They are about most of the big issues of today. Climate change, Plastic pollution in the oceans, the young generation issues and deforestation.

  • - Generation Now
  • - Hydrogen Cities
  • - Too Much Talking
  • - Climate Crisis 3
  • - Don`t Take It For Granted
  • - My Vanishing Home
  • - Plastic country in the Sea
  • - Tasman Sea
  • - Plant a Tree 4

 Featured Album

Don’t Live In Fear

Don`t live in Fear is an album based around Alfi’s past. Living in fear is a song about alfi leaving South Africa
Suck It Up is a feel good dance song and Into The Past is about the skies…

  • Trying My Best - Don`t Live In Fear
  • - Into The Past
  • - Days On The Road
  • Trying my Best - Fascination Lady
  • - Suck It Up
  • - Tasman Seas Requeim
  • - You Are So Good

Who we are

The Band

Alfi & the Journey has a core band of three dynamic members expanding to nine piece depending on the show or Festival.  We play the groovie Dance, Funk & Reggae.

The Journey will work with you to create a party atmosphere like no other. Careful consideration has gone into every song with an awesome rhythm section performed so that the audience is readily dancing and engaged.

Alfie Hall  – Guitar / Vocals
Alfi Hall is one of the original members who started Alfi & The Journey in the late nineties.
A well seasoned muso with a passion for Reggae/Funk. Alfi has played support acts with Billy Connelly, Maxi Priest and for the Bob Marley Concert at The Basement.

Oliver Gomes – Drums / Percussion
Oliver, one the best funk drummers in Australia has a natural talent for this style of music. Starting on drums at the early age of 5 participating in his local Church & Youth bands. He completed his diploma in Music in 1994 and has played for many successful acts since then.

Tyrone Hoges – Bass / Keyboards / Vocals
A bass player extraordinaire who has been around the traps for many years. Ty plays with an amazing flare and makes most songs his own. Him and Oliver have been playing together for the past ten years which makes them a powerful rhythm duo.

Claire Bede  – Trumpet / Vocals
Clair is destined for fame who recently played with JAMES MORRISON. She is now studying at The Conservatorium High School of Music and plays with the PAU (arts unit) Jazz Orchestra, Judy Baileys Con High Jazz Band, Dave Jensens Good Intentions and Jonathan Schwarz Jazz Combo.

Dave Jensen – Sax / Vocals
Sax is like an extension of Dave’s body and soul. He has been playing since the young age of five. He attended the Con High School and studied jazz performance at the UNSW Conservatorium of music.